American Gulf Trans Consulting and Management division, in collaboration with the renowned academic medical centers that compromise the AGT Consortium, provides comprehensive hospital consultancy and management services to clients, worldwide. AGT cutting edge service delivery is based upon:

  • More than 15 years of experience in conceiving, commissioning and managing hospitals.
  • Access to latest international developments in healthcare (medical technology) and leading hospitals around the world.
  • Affiliation with thousands of medical specialists, professionals from all over the world.

The growing awareness and demand for quality healthcare all over the world has created a need for modern hospitals and healthcare facilities. These facilities require professionals from diverse fields. Through experience in conceiving, developing and implementing the full range of healthcare services, AGT has provided a full range of services such as:

  • Market research and feasibility analysis
  • Cost-effective project design
  • Responsive project management
  • Innovative and cost conscious operations management
  • Training of highly skilled professionals.

AGT offers services from project analysis to designing and commissioning a modern hospital infrastructure, including assistance in recommending medical equipment, training staff, and establishing procedural systems. AGT expertise, primarily Management and Technical Consultancy is available to individuals and organizations who desire to set up a healthcare facility of any size and nature or improve upon existing ones. AGT has been very successful in the effective blending of the expertise of Consortium-based specialists to specific business situations. AGT guarantees cutting edge and quality assured consultancy support in the following areas

  • Review of clinical process and planning
  • IT infrastructure design and management including Telemedicine networks
  • Hospital Administration
  • Development and management of Clinical Medical Education programs
  • Development of physician fellowship program

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