American Gulf Trans  Cost Containment services provide a comprehensive approach to managing financial aspects of the patient’s episode of care including:

Cost Estimates: Arab American Health will obtain cost estimates from the U.S. medical institutions to help determine any reserves or upfront payments necessary.

Access to PPO/discounted pricing: Arab American Health’s network provides patients with preferred pricing services, on the same basis as large U.S. insurance companies. Depending on the facility, patients may receive average discounts of up to 30% on inpatient hospital and physician services. This network allows patients to select from over 3,300 hospitals and over 320,000 individual physicians.

Claim Review: Arab American Health professionals will review and audit each of the medical bills to ensure an accurate reflection of all the contractual terms and discounts. In case of any errors on the bills, AAH ensures that they are resubmitted.

Bill Consolidation: Bills from the U.S. institutions are frequently sent in a piecemeal fashion by each billing entity in a hospital. AAH will receive the bills, consolidate them, and work with the hospital to accept a single payment rather than many small disjointed payments over weeks or months.

Summary Statement: The patients and any financially responsible parties will receive a final summary statement (Explanation of Benefits) for payment.

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